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How To Generate More "Add-On Revenue" Without The Hassle!

Once my posting service was well-established, I looked for other
Micro Services to add...

Bumped up revenue with NO stress or hassle!



A Chiropractor Was My First Client

I had my team of writers write 12 Editions...one for each month, even using holiday material during those months when it applied.

We designed them with his logo, and a footer, including phone number and address.

He puts them in a tray in his office to be picked up and shared.

Other Methods Of Distribution

If a business has been collecting emails, you can help them set up an
auto-responder and email.

OR, some businesses prefer to print them out and mail them.

Some add a clickable link on their website and/or social media!

  • You Might Be Wondering, "How Does This Help Me?"

  • An easy add-on to your revenue

  • A foot-in-the-door to gain a client

  • For example, I sell posting services to a business for $149-$200 monthly.

    A newsletter easily adds $99 per month (or more) with
    NO WORK!

    Now, you might be wondering....What Else Can I Do With These Newsletters?

    Each newsletter is between 400-500 words.

    You could break this content up, create blog posts, and website articles,
    and even make smaller sections into Tweets.

    The only limitation with these Newsletter is your imagination!

  • How I Have Sold These In The Past...

    I sell packs of newsletters (12 in a pack) for $197 in my store. That's with a loyalty discount of $100 for my folks who are already customers. They are typically$297 (That's for ONE pack of 12!)

    If you divide $197 / 12 = $16.42

    You'll never find good writing lower than that!


    For a limited time only, I have decided to do a

    on these Newsletters, just for YOU!

    In The End...YOU Win!!

    Here Is What You Are Getting...

    12 Auto Insurance Newsletters ($197 Value)

    12 Auto Repair Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Chiropractic Newsletters ($197 Value)

    12 Dental Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Family Law Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Gym & Fitness Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 MedSpa Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Pediatrician Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Personal Injury Attorney Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Solar Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Swimming Pool Newsletters  ($197 Value)

    12 Tree Service Newsletters  ($197 Value)

     12 Veterinarians Newsletters  ($197 Value)


    36 Canva Templates (3 For Each Niche)

    Canva Video Training

    A Full Year Of DFY Newsletters In 13 Different Popular Niches!

    Retail Value: $2,561.00

    Introducing The

    Newsletter Bonanza

    But I Didn't Stop There...
    I had my Admin Assistant, Lisa, create editable templates in Canva for you, so it will be easy to customize each newsletter for a client.
    So, you will get THREE templates for each Niche.
    She's a Canva whiz, and you can edit these with the free version.
    It's easy to do...PLUS...
    We are including a FULL Video Training for Canva!

    You Will NEVER See This Again!

    So, What Are You Waiting For?

    1. You don't believe me...or

    2. You don't believe in yourself...

    That's it. Those are the only two reasons.

    Now, it's ok to not believe in me... but seriously, you've got to believe in YOURSELF!

    Have faith because this is not as hard as your mind may be making it out to be. It's all in your head! AS I like to say, “Own your mind or your mind will OWN YOU!”

    You're not here by accident.

    Meeting with you on this page was meant to be. Our message is only for entrepreneurs, consultants, agencies & advisors...
    and if you think you're one of those - YOU ARE!

    If You're Still Unconvinced,


    It never fails whenever we produce a new product we usually hear from a few marketers who say, "It's not going to help me."

    However, if you are just ASSUMING it couldn't work then you're cheating yourself. You're buying into the foolish myth that, "Newsletters Are Dead"...
    and that's a costly myth!

    Newsletters are powerful, and the results I get are real.

    Bottom Line: You can sit and watch other marketers make extra money with Newsletters OR you can get in early yourself and reap the rewards!

    Here's What You'll Receive By


    14 Niches Packs Containing

    12 Newsletters Each

    Canva Video Training

    Ready-Made Templates

    Content Paid and Sponsored by: Newsletter Bonanza


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